Hot Mess Express 2


Hot Mess Express 2


Hot Mess Express - Waterproof Glossy Sticker Decal - My stickers are made to be cute! Designed and created in house, these stickers are printed on the highest quality waterproof sticker paper and then to make it even more tough, I've added an extra laminate coating over the top. You can even run it through the dishwasher.

- Sticker measures roughly 3.2" x 2.3"
- Waterproof, UV resistant, scratch resistant
- Dishwasher safe
- Glossy Finish

• Includes 1 glossy sticker
• Packaged in a protective sleeve 
• Makes a great gift!

Stickers are PERFECT for adding flair to your "stuff!" - stick them to iPads, laptops, notebooks, water bottles, drink cups, bicycle helmets, skateboards, pencil cases, plastic containers, food containers, lunchboxes....the list is endless! If its plastic and yours- stick a sticker on it! ♥

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